Bêtes de style | Animals with Style

Edited by Magali Moulinier

In 2006, mudac in Lausanne, issued a summons to the animal kingdom. From social phenomenon to contemporary art, it becomes clear that changes are occurring and men are following new relationships with animals and the animal kingdom that we know so little about and yet live alongside. Animals reveal things about us; the way we regard and represent them speaks of our times and fantasies, acting as a mirror for our desires and contradictions.

The exhibition and the official catalogue Bêtes de style | Animals with Style are divided into seven acts or sections, each focused on an observation made during two years of research. It is a temporary, subjective stocktaking exercise, a game of ping-pong between men and animals, even though animals will basically always be an enigma. 

Language : FR/ENG

Format : 17 x 22 cm

Pages : 160

Binding : softcover

Illustrations : 80 colour illustrations

ISBN : 978-88-7439-345-9

Month | Year of publication : September 2006

Price : 30,00 €

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Price: € 30,00

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