Passionnément céramique

Collection Frank Nievergelt

Edited by Anne-Claire Schumacher

Over the past forty-five years, the art historian Frank Nievergelt has assembled an extraordinary collection with passion and discernment which now includes over 900 pieces of contemporary ceramics, be they receptacles, sculptures, decorative objects, or works of monumental dimensions. All the major figures of the international ceramics scene of the twentieth and twenty-first century are represented here.
Far from wishing to provide a simple array of ceramicists, Frank Nievergelt has always kept in close and friendly touch with the artists themselves, following their development and in some cases managing to assemble a corpus of works that is representative of their artistic progress.
The present book, published to coincide with an exhibition at Musée Ariana, musée suisse de la céramique et du verre, Geneva, presents the chief works in this collection.

Anne-Claire Schumacher is a curator at the Musée Ariana in Geneva and the author of several articles and publications associated with the museum, including another book published by 5 Continents Editions, La Manufacture de porcelaine de Langenthal, entre design industriel et vaisselle du dimanche, Milan, 2012.

Artists featured:
Ruth Amstutz, Gordon Baldwin, Philippe Barde, Thomas Bohle, Claudi Casanovas, Edouard Chapallaz, Hans Coper, Gundi Dietz, Carmen Dionyse, Ruth Duckworth, Sonia Duo-Meyer, Veronika Ellwanger-Brammann, Volker Ellwanger, Michael Flynn, Ian Godfrey, Stephan Hasslinger, Steven Heinemann, Ewen Henderson, Elisabeth Joulia, Beate Kuhn, Philippe Lambercy, Uwe Löllman, Guido Mariani, Eric James Mellon, Enric Mestre, Colin Pearson, Gustavo Perez, Pompeo Pianezzola, Lucie Rie, Karl Scheid, Ursula Scheid, Margarete Schott, Imre Schrammel, Jakob Stucki, Geoffrey Swindell, Nanni Valentini, José Vermeersch, Gerald Weigel, Gotlind Weigel, Betty Woodman and, Carlo Zauli

Language : FR/GER

Format : 24,5 x 27 cm

Pages : 224

Binding : hardcover

Illustrations : 214 colour illustrations

ISBN : 978-88-7439-734-1

Month | Year of publication : March 2016

Price : 35,00 €

Price: € 35,00

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