African Art

Portraits of a collection

Edited by Patrick Caput and Valentine Plisnier
Texts by Alain-Michel Boyer, Patrick Caput, Lorraine Gallimardet,
Frank Herreman, Robert Neuburger, Valentine Plisnier, and Germain Viatte

This gorgeous book highlights seventy works from an important private collection built over more than four decades with discipline, curiosity, and passion.
It is one of the finest private collections of African art from West and Central Africa, through South Africa and Madagascar. Conceived around four main themes—Governance and transmission, Protection and caring, Coming together (celebrating, partying, judging and praising), Serving and beautifying—this selection offers a capacious general introduction to the topic of African art and further our understanding of the artworks’ source cultures. The beautiful photographs of the seventy works in the first part of the publication are followed by a whole chapter dedicated to some important avant-garde photography masterpieces showing the narrow relationship between this movement and nine fascinating African art works belonging to the collection. The objects are shown side by side with renown works from Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Lajos Kassák, Hannah Höch, Erwin Blumenfeld, Maurice Tabard, Karl Blossfeldt and Robert Doisneau.
Striking a balance between often published and lesser-known masterpieces from the collection, the present volume unveils to the public a selection of seven contemporary artistsphotographers (Jean Marc Tingaud, Louis Tirilly, Nicolas Bruant, Roger Ballen, Groupe Street Collodion Art, Coco Fronsac, and Frédéric Vidal) who have been asked to represent in a contemporary and personal style for the first time nine renowned works.

Patrick Caput is a collector, international consultant and expert of African and Oceanic art.
Valentine Plisnier is teacher and researcher in History of Art, and has written major works summarizing the impact of non-European art in the photographic modernity from 1918 until today.

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Illustrations : 237 colour illustrations

ISBN : 978-88-7439-744-0

Month | Year of publication : July 2016

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