Vincent Munier

French photographer Vincent Munier showcases his best pictures from the Arctic. He brought them from different polar expeditions lead in winter during the past 6 years, generally alone and with full autonomy. In the cold, pulling heavy sleds, Munier walked and skied across hundreds of miles on the territories of the white wolves: the « ghosts of the tundra », as the Inuit have named them.
From Scandinavia to the northernmost islands of Nunavut (Canada), we are invited to discover a breathtakingly beautiful, fascinating wild world: polar bears and foxes, caribous, muskoxen, Arctic hares, snowy owls… and even a magical encounter, when a pack of nine wolves surrounded the photographer!
Munier’s unique pictures carry us away on a long and adventurous journey across the open spaces of the far North; their gentle, white atmosphere softens the real harshness of this gigantic desert, at the top of the world.

Moreover, in a booklet, the photographer shares with us his travel journal and personal impressions of the Arctic, one the most remote and fragile places on the planet.

Vincent Munier lives in the East of France, where he was born in 1976. Passionate about nature, he chose photography in order to express his dreams and emotions in the wild. Inspired by Japanese paintings and by the work of wildlife photographers Michio Hoshino and Jim Brandenburg, he loves minimalist art: “As a man of image, I try to materialize a poetic intuition of reality and to share it.” Three times, he won a special prize at the international contest ‘BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year’. He is the author of a dozen books. His pictures are shown and sold as limited prints all over the world.

Language : IT

Format : 30 x 24,5 cm

Pages : 312

Binding : two volumes in a slipcase

Illustrations : 202 colour illustrations

ISBN : 978-88-7439-797-6

Month | Year of publication : October 2017

Price : 60,00 €

Price: € 60,00

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