Pretiosa Vitrea

L'arte vetraria antica nei Musei e nelle collezioni private della Toscana

Edited by Fabrizio Paolucci and Giandomenico De Tommaso

Pretiosa Vitrea, whose title is inspired by the Latin definition of glass given by Gaius Petronius in the Satyricon written in the late 1st century AD, emphasizes the heritage of glass manufacturing through the showcase of artifacts nowadays preserved in the state museums of Tuscany and in important private collections within the region. The quality of these 100 findings is comparable in excellence to the artifacts that can be found in the most renowned international museums.
The book brings together relevant archeological findings of Roman glass manufacturing in Tuscany, as the glass cameo from Torrita di Siena or the chrysography of Arezzo.
Alongside these exclusive glass products, a wide variety of findings will be showcased to illustrate the evolution of mass production techniques, from the use of moulds to the discovery of the glass blowing technique in the middle of the 1st century BC, which soon demonstrated clear advantages compared to the traditional ceramic production in terms of lower cost and keeping unchanged the taste of the contained food and liquids.

Fabrizio Paolucci is the curator of the classical art collection at the Uffizi Gallery. His field of research ranges from fine glass produced in late antiquity to historical collections of antiquities and topics linked to marble colouring in the Roman world. He has curated several exhibitions of ancient glass and Roman portraiture and in addition to his scientific research he has written several works on archaeological subjects for the general public.
Giandomenico De Tommaso is Adjunct Professor of Greek and Roman Archaeology and History at the University of Florence and assistant professor in the SAGAS department at the same university, for which he is also research project scientific supervisor, overseeing the investigation of the Roman settlement at Poggio del Molino (Populonia, Livorno) and the administration of the Enrico Paribeni Archive in Florence University’s Biblioteca Umanistica, among others. He has run or otherwise taken part in several excavations in Italy and Crete and has helped design and install various exhibitions and museums (Piombino, Genoa, Florence, etc.). Giandomenico De Tommaso’s interests range from glassmaking’s many aspects to the problems associated with Greek and Roman pottery and the topography of Athens.

Language : IT/UK

Format : 19 x 25,5 cm

Pages : 144

Binding : softcover

Illustrations : 124 colour illustrations

ISBN : 978-88-7439-804-1

Month | Year of publication : October 2017

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Price: € 35,00

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